Thank you

From being performed live at Georgia’s funeral (11-01-2013) this beautiful song is now available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, HMV digital and ‘Georgia’s Song’ music video can be watched on YouTube – to raise awareness for the organ donor register and raise funds for the children’s intensive care unit at King’s College Hospital, London.
x x x ‘Georgia Team’ x x x
Thank you Sophie and Ellie Bokor-Ingram!
Thank you Mr J-P Sutcliffe (St John’s School) for recording the acoustic version after Georgia’s funeral.
Thank you David Dixon from Taurus Print & Design for Georgia’s funeral cards, flyers and ‘Georgia’s Song’ CD cover.
Thank you Fiona Locke (freelance media agent and journalist) for introducing me to Julian Close, writing about Georgia and helping me with TV coverage.
Thank you Julian Close (Top Music Executive) for introducing me to Ian Curnow (Music Producer).
Thank you Colin Peter (Righttrack Records and Distribution).
Thank you Julian Close and Ian Curnow for recording ‘Georgia’s Song’ Master in Strongroom studios in London.
Thank you Ruth Morton, Kate Hill, Lucy Windsor Mutch, Nicholas (HomeMarvel) and Dowsing & Reynolds (light bulbs), Fiona Sweeney MK (Makeup Artist), Kate Yerrell (Marketing Consultant), Kate Bokor-Ingram, mother of ‘Georgia’s angels’ 😉 and Jossy Smalley (Freelance journalist and copywriter).
Thank you Fishers Farm, Sarah Hatch (Editor Families Surrey West), Busylizzy and Sarah Gorrell (presenter Drivetime on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey)
Thank you Dan Moran (Irish Colourist @ Smoke and Mirrors London)
Thank you Jamie Hobbis (Director of Photography) and Andrew McKay (Creative Director) for ‘Georgia’s Song’ amazingly powerful video.
Thank you to all of you, for your support and buying ‘Georgia’s Song’.
Thank you Georgia for loving me!

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